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     "Troy's remote tracking method really works! Here in New England it is difficult to get that "Nashville" sound with local musicians. With Troy it's simple, we send off the source pre-mixed mp3 for the song, and we get our track within a day or two. He has an excellent feel for just the appropriate complement for the song.  We've regularly use him for mandolin, fiddle, dobro and pedal steel, with great results. Hear some clips of some of his playing at  http://jukevillage.com


                            Don Hooper- Juke Village Studio - Shrewsbury,MA



   “I absolutely love Troy's work on my "Love & Learn" and "Just Passing Thru" projects.  We began collaborating together on my CD's back in 2007 and I still remember being in the studio and just couldn't wait to hear his take on my songs.   On every track, with every note, I knew that Troy took the time to play with the feel and style that I wanted.   He cared to play his very best as if the project was his own and was always very accommodating to meet our timelines.   Troy is a wonderful, thoughtful person and one of Nashville's finest musicians and songwriters.  I was honored to have him on our projects and would highly recommend his work.” 

                              Janet McGarry -www.janetmcgarry.com

     “Troy is one of Nashville's top shelf musicians and also provides a great service.  With initiatives such as his, our studio is able to provide our local artists of varied musical genres with the ability to collaborate with the industry's finest musicians without the requirement of traveling great distances.  The opportunities for us are amazing, the world is at our door and we're very proud that Troy is part of it.   Simply Genius!” 

                       Serge Bernard - Diamond Productions PEI,

                                                 Prince Edward Island, Canada.



     “Troy does exceptional work. He is an amazing musician that plays many instruments. We are very pleased with the tracks he sends us and it's always great quality and finished when you need it, If you want to have the "Nashville Sound" on your songs I would recommend using Troy.”


                      Gary Amundrud - Pure Sound Studios